Can a Pregnancy Test be Wrong?

Taking a home pregnancy test can be nerve-wracking, particularly in case you don’t know you can confide in the outcomes. Realize when and how to take a home pregnancy test — just as a portion of the potential traps of home testing.

When would it be advisable for me to take a home pregnancy test?

Many home pregnancy tests guarantee to be exact as ahead of schedule as the primary day of a missed period — or even previously. You’re probably going to get progressively precise outcomes, in any case, in the event that you hold up until after the main day of your missed period.

Why pause? Not long after a treated egg joins to your uterine covering (implantation), the placenta structures and delivers the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone enters your circulation system and pee.

During early pregnancy, the HCG fixation increments quickly — multiplying each a few days. The prior you take the home pregnancy test, the harder it may be for the test to recognize HCG.

Remember that the planning of your ovulation may fluctuate from month to month, and the treated egg can embed in the uterus at various occasions. This can influence the planning of HCG creation and when it tends to be distinguished. On the off chance that your periods are sporadic, you may misjudge when your period is expected.

In the event that it’s imperative to affirm your pregnancy immediately and relying upon how far along you are in your pregnancy, your medicinal services supplier may prescribe that you have a ultrasound, rehash a pee test at a lab or have a blood test to quantify your HCG levels.

Are there various sorts of home pregnancy tests?

With most tests, you place the finish of a dipstick in your pee stream or plunge the dipstick in a holder of gathered pee. A couple of moments later, the dipstick uncovers the test outcome — regularly as an or more or a short sign, one line or two lines, or the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant” on a strip or screen.

Adhere to the test directions for to what extent to hold up before checking results — typically at least two minutes. Most tests likewise have a control pointer — a line or image that shows up in the outcome window. In the event that the line or image doesn’t show up, at that point the test isn’t working appropriately. Attempt again with another test.

Some home pregnancy tests are more delicate than others. At the end of the day, the measure of HCG should have been recognized in the pee to create a positive test outcome is lower in certain tests.

Continuously check the test’s lapse date and read the guidelines cautiously before you step through the exam.

How precise are home pregnancy tests?

Many home pregnancy tests guarantee to be 99 percent precise. In any case, home pregnancy tests vary in the capacity to analyze pregnancy in ladies who have as of late missed a period. On the off chance that you have a negative test however figure you may be pregnant, rehash the test multi week after your missed period or converse with your human services supplier.

Could prescriptions meddle with test results?

Fruitfulness drugs or different prescriptions that contain HCG may meddle with home pregnancy test results. In any case, most prescriptions, including anti-microbials and conception prevention pills, don’t influence the precision of home pregnancy tests.

Could a positive outcome not be right?

Albeit uncommon, it’s conceivable to get a positive outcome from a home pregnancy test when you’re not really pregnant. This is known as a bogus positive.

A bogus positive may occur on the off chance that you had a pregnancy misfortune not long after the treated egg connected to your uterine covering (biochemical pregnancy) or you take a pregnancy test too early in the wake of taking a fruitfulness sedate that contains HCG. An ectopic pregnancy, menopause or issues with your ovaries likewise may add to deceiving test results.

Could a negative outcome not be right?

It’s conceivable to get a negative outcome from a home pregnancy test when you’re really pregnant. This is known as a bogus negative. You may get a bogus negative in the event that you:

Step through the examination too soon. The prior after a missed period that you take a home pregnancy test, the harder it is for the test to identify HCG. For the most precise outcomes, rehash the test multi week after a missed period. In the event that you can hardly wait that long, approach your medicinal services supplier for a blood test.

Check test results too early. Give the test time to work. Consider setting a clock as indicated by the bundle guidelines.

Utilize weakened pee. For the most precise outcomes, step through the exam before anything else — when your pee is the most focused.

What occurs straightaway?

In view of your test outcomes, think about making the accompanying strides:

Your home pregnancy test is sure, or you’ve taken a couple of home pregnancy tests and gotten blended outcomes. Make a meeting with your social insurance supplier. You may require a blood test or ultrasound to affirm your pregnancy. The sooner your pregnancy is affirmed, the sooner you can start pre-birth care.

Your home pregnancy test is negative. In the event that your period doesn’t start, rehash the test in a couple of days or multi week — particularly on the off chance that you stepped through the exam previously or not long after a missed period.

You keep on getting negative test outcomes, however your period doesn’t start or you despite everything figure you may be pregnant. Check with your social insurance supplier. Numerous components can prompt missed menstrual periods (amenorrhea), including thyroid issue, low body weight, issues with your ovaries, unreasonable exercise and stress. In case you’re not pregnant, your medicinal services supplier can assist you with recovering your menstrual cycle on target.

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